Bale wrapping film & net

Aero Wrap Ultra

Aero Wrap Ultra is our most popular product. Aero Wrap Ultra is a bale wrapping film which perfectly works in every climate in any conditions. Extra UV filters, reduced thickness and high resistance – that's main reasons which made our product so popular all around the world. Join to the best! Trust Aero Wrap Ultra brand and save your costs!

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Aero Net

Extra strong net for wrapping bales Aero Net gives you work comfort, time and cost savings and confidence, that your harvests are well protected. Wide range of sizes and lengths up to 4200m will meet demand of every customer.

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Bale covering film, Coverfilm is the newest of our products. Cover your bale with Coverfilm and you will se how perfect and easy storage of bales can be. Thanks to 13 mic thickness and UV flters your harvest can be storeg outside, without risk of quality loss.

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