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AERO AB is repidly developing company working on agriculture packaging field and distributing agriculture machinery.

Company was etabilished in 2008, starting to promote and deliver plastic packagings to domestic market, mostly bale wrapping films.

In 2009 we created own, new brand of high quality bale wrapping films – AERO WRAP, which become a big success. In short period of time it started to acuire happy customers in domestic market, as well as european and middle east markets.

Right now, AERO WRAP has it's distributors in Turkey, Germany, Pakistan, Egipt, New Zealand, Panama and many other countries all over the world.

Next success of Aero AB was entering to market innovative bale wrapping film with reduced thickness (20 mic.) as AERO WRAP ULTRA. Thanks to using a high quality raw materials and keeping all parimeters of standard 25 mic. Film, AERO WRAP ULTRA rapidly gathered a huge number of supporters on foreign markets.

Going with demand of market and customers need, we put in offer our's brand agriculture net – AERO NET, described as highly resistant net in various range of width and length.

Our goal is to develop systematically and extend offer of our products and build a worldwide net of sellers, positively influencng on company's image.

We are idividualluy aproaching for every customer, which pays with trust and professional care for your needs. Kindly invite for using our services.

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